What makes a person happiness in life? The secret to happiness is revealed


What is the secret to happiness?” Does anyone know the secret to happiness? For centuries, philosophers, scholars, and ordinary people have been challenged, fascinated, agonized, and entranced by this question. All of us are looking for an answer to this million-dollar question. Happiness transcends geography, age, gender, and caste.


A global pandemic of unhappiness is being researched by behavioural scientists, spiritual gurus, life coaches, and psychologists. Although there is no universal answer to “How to be happy?” However, many people have tried to answer this rather philosophical question. Happiness has also been a struggle for me most of my life. I am sharing my experiences in this article. Defining happiness is the first step in pursuing it.

What is happiness?

If you possess the things you thought would make you happy (when you didn’t have them), do they no longer satisfy you? Having a car or a home, or earning a lot of money, will enrich your life greatly. All these things are now with you, but there’s still something missing. What would make you happy if you had it?

Albert Camus said, “If you continue to search for happiness, you will never find it.” You will never find life if you keep searching.

Someday, you won’t be able to buy happiness at the grocery store. The experience of happiness is multi-dimensional. A happy experience is one of joy, satisfaction, contentment, and fulfilment. Happiness is well-being characterized by positive emotions, joy, deep contentment, pride, and life satisfaction. An individual’s happiness is simply a measure of how satisfied they are with their lives as a whole.

Happiness Day


Doesn’t there exist a day called Happiness Day? Every year on 20 March, the International Day of Happiness is celebrated worldwide. It is one of the world’s largest multilateral organizations, founded by the UN General Assembly on 28 June 2012. Throughout the world, Happiness Day aims to bring awareness of happiness’s importance.

Tips on how to be happy or be a happy person

You can become a happier person or be a happier person by following these tips and strategies

Thanks a lot

Being grateful can make you happier. You are so glad when you appreciate and are thankful for something tangible or intangible. When you acknowledge the positive things you have in your life, you will be more thankful for them. You will be more appreciative of them. Give thanks for everything you have accomplished throughout your life. Despite negative experiences, you can be grateful because of the dual nature of life. When you look at negative experiences from a different angle, you can see positive aspects.

By keeping a gratitude journal several times a week, you can transition from a state of lack to one of abundance, increasing your life satisfaction.

Change your beliefs.

I mentioned at the beginning that happiness is not about worldly pleasures. Thoughts of such a thing have probably crossed your mind at various points in your life: “I’ll finally be happy when I’m married.” Or “I’ll finally be utterly happy if I get this dream job.” Maybe you’re thinking, “I’ll never be happy now that I’ve been diagnosed with a medical condition.” Or “I can’t be happy when I’m struggling to be happy.” After giving birth to your second child, your happiness is no longer the same as when you gave birth to your first child. You feel life is meaningless when one of your parents passes away, but time fades those bitter feelings. As time passes, you become accustomed to your situation.

As a result, beliefs have a significant impact on happiness. Try changing your thoughts and see what happens.

It would be best if you compared yourself to others.

It must have surprised you to hear, “Compare yourself to others”. Your reading is correct, that’s right. You will be unhappy relative to others if you measure yourself against others. Comparison with others is recommended with an understanding of who you should be contrasting with.

Comparing your privilege with those around you is critical. Look at the wealth, relationships, and health of those below you. There are many people around who cannot afford two meals a day. It is alarming how many people live in tiny houses, has meagre incomes, and do not have adequate clothing. Health problems affect many people. There has been a Corona pandemic affecting people. People have lost loved ones, jobs, and businesses as a result. COVID survivors suffer from post-disease symptoms after recovering from the disease. As a result of COVID, I have suffered from a lot of health problems. My COVID story can be found here.

As you observe all this around you, you will realize that God has given you much more than those people. All these things should make you happy, shouldn’t they?

Stop ruminating and let go of your emotional baggage

It eats away at your brain like a termite to constantly meditate on the same dark, sad thoughts. Chewing and carrying emotional baggage makes living a fulfilling life difficult. The negativity of your past life prevents you from living peacefully in the present. There is no escaping unhappiness and bitterness.

Move forward in your life by forgiving people, unloading your emotional baggage, and not ruminating. You will be happier than ever before.

Present-moment mindfulness

You are detached from painful past experiences and future worries whenever you live in the present moment. Instead of dwelling on regrets from the past or fearing the future, acknowledge the blessings of the present. Become aware of your inner self. You don’t need to seek happiness outside of yourself, as it lies within you. Happiness cannot be found in external materialistic things.

My bills need to be paid.”

These beliefs must be broken. The things that make you happy will never make you happy for as long as you think they will. Additionally, you shouldn’t expect depressive life events and challenges negatively affect your happiness.

After having a second child, you cannot feel the happiness you had during the birth of your first child. When one of your parents dies, you feel life is meaningless, but time fades the bitter feelings, and you get back to your responsibilities. Over time, you become familiar with the circumstances of your life.

Thus, beliefs play a significant role in happiness. See what happens when you change your thoughts.

Make comparisons with others.

The above heading, “Compare yourself to others”, must have surprised you. You read it correctly, that’s right. The majority of life coaches and gurus believe that comparing yourself with others leads to frustration. Considering who to benchmark your performance against, it is recommended that you measure yourself against others.

You will realize how privileged you are by comparing yourself with those around you. Compare yourself with those who have less wealth, relationships, and health than you do. Looking around, it is clear that many people cannot provide enough food for two meals daily. Many people live in tiny houses, earn less than their daily income, and have no clothes to wear. Many people suffer from health issues. Many people have been affected by the Corona pandemic. There have been losses of loved ones, jobs, and businesses. The symptoms of post-disease follow COVID survivors. Because of COVID, I am experiencing several health issues. You can read my COVID story here.

Once you start observing all this around you, you will soon realize God has given you much more than those people. Don’t all these reasons make you happy?

Stop contemplating and carrying your emotional baggage

The more you dwell on the same sad or dark thoughts, the more your brain eats itself out. You die like a termite if you meditate. You can’t live a happy life if you meditate and carry your emotional baggage. If you live in the past, you cannot live peacefully in the present. Feeling bitter and unhappy is inevitable.

It is critical not to contemplate, forgive people, unload your emotional baggage, and move forward in life. It will make a massive difference in how you feel.

Mindfulness or living in the present moment

Mindfulness practice removes you from painful past experiences and worries about the future. Reminisce about the happy past and fear the uncertain future instead of focusing on the present. Happiness can be found within you. There is no need to look elsewhere. It is not external material things that bring joy.

Happiness lies in mindfulness. Through it, you can break negative thought loops, become more aware of the positive things around you, and connect with a sense of inner contentment. You are happy when you do these things.

Unplug from Social Media

A virtual through social media. Many of us check in on friends, relatives, and ex-partners on social media apps. There is euphoria in this virtual world, except for us. There will be a series of unfavourable comparisons to follow. People often use social media to hide their true unhappiness through social media. You feel uneasy when you see posts claiming to be happy. All this results in a feeling of inferiority and despair. Please disconnect from social media and the internet.

A relationship

Harvard University conducted one of the longest-running happiness studies in the 1980s and 1990s. A Harvard study found that happiness strongly correlates with close relationships, such as spouses, families, friends, and social circles. Waldinger states, “Personal connections improve moods, while isolation depresses them.”

Strengthen the bond between you and your loved ones. Get together with family and friends more often. Enjoy a happier, more fulfilling life by investing time in your relationships. Relationships that are satisfying are associated with improved health and even longer lives.

Health (physical and mental)

Health is wealth, as the adage goes. Improving your mood by exercising and eating a healthy, balanced diet is possible. Diseases or mental health issues make it impossible to be happy.

Run, go to the gym, cycle, dance, or do yoga – anything that gets you moving counts. You can even walk briskly for 20 to 30 minutes. You can combat a foul mood by pumping your blood, which releases endorphins throughout your body. Exercise is also beneficial for mental health, directly related to happiness. Mindfulness, pranayama, and meditation can help you maintain your mental health. Make sure your diet is balanced with healthy foods. Take care of your sleep. To determine your happiness index, you must consider all of these factors.

Thank you so much for reading this. Are there any tips you’d like to share about how to be happy now that we’ve got your attention? Comment below if you have any questions.

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