Buyer Journey 2023

Sales Strategy : 6 Best Ways to Keep Buyer Journey 2023


Buyer Journey 2023 : Mike Buscemi, G2’s Director of SMBs, says: “Software buyers today act like B2C consumers. There are hundreds of thousands of vendors out there, and over 115,000 on G2. Buyers have a lot to choose from.”

 As a result, the seller’s journey will also need to change.

 According to Mike, the software buyer’s journey has changed, based on the G2 Buyer’s Behavior Report 2022 – and how your sales strategy should pivot in Buyer Journey 2023.

Buyer Journey 2023

 The New Buyer’s Journey in 2023: How to Shift Your Sales Strategy

1. All stakeholders in a sale need to feel more trusted.

Many buyers needed to trust salespeople in 2022. Due to this, their buying preferences have shifted to self-service.

A breakdown of trust between sales reps and prospects has accelerated over time for many sales reps. 

Buscemi points out, however, that “trust has not fundamentally changed since you have always had to build relationships based on mutual respect with your prospects or customers.” Nevertheless, the way information is available today makes it more acute in buyers’ and sellers’ Buyer Journey 2023 minds.

In addition, Buscemi adds, “There are tons of studies that show that buyers are 60% to 70% of their way through the buying cycle before they even contact a representative — and those studies are from over a decade ago. Before a representative comes into the picture, I’d argue people are probably even further down the funnel and know exactly what they want to buy Buyer Journey 2023.”

Buscemi offers solutions to help your sales team maintain trust throughout the buyer’s journey in 2023.

  • Assist your buyers by acting as a consultant. tarting each call with four or five things your product can solve directly in response to the prospects’ biggest challenges requires some assumptions and a deeper understanding of their industry.
  • Engage your prospects by telling them customer stories. Sharing stories that directly relate to your prospects’ needs is crucial throughout the entire sales cycle. Share a customer story related to ease of use if your prospect cares most about that. Alternatively, if your prospect is concerned about the implementation process, present a customer case study that makes the implementation process more transparent.
  • Please communicate with your prospects in their language. It will help you build trust and demonstrate your expertise if you can talk to your prospects about what they’re doing in their roles.

2. Build trust by leveraging customer reviews. 

76% of respondents believe review websites are trustworthy or highly trustworthy. One in two buyers feel better informed about the benefits and risks of purchasing software after reading reviews, so you must leverage the power of reviews to increase trust with prospects in Buyer Journey 2023.

When you work at a small business, collecting reviews can feel like chicken and the egg: If you don’t have reviews, it is challenging to build an online presence; meanwhile, if you don’t have an online presence, it can be difficult to collect reviews. 

Customer reviews can be collected in many ways, according to Buyer Journey 2023.

Among his favorite review-collection strategies are: 

  • Those who have already given you NPS scores may be willing to provide reviews since they’ve shown an interest in providing feedback. 
  • Incorporate an in-app review strategy, so users are automatically prompted to leave a review when they log in or out. 
  • After your product has been implemented for a month or two, ask your customers for reviews. 
  • Through social media or newsletters, ask for reviews. 

In addition to collecting positive reviews, collecting reviews of your products or services is also imperative. A healthy mix of positive and negative reviews proves more authentic than all 5-star reviews – and negative reviews help you improve your product over time. 

To collect reviews in a compliant, ethical, and transparent manner, ensure your lists represent your customer base. You can solicit reviews from different industry segments, but you cannot deliberately solicit reviews from customers who are more likely to provide positive feedback.

3. You must be an expert in your field.

You’ll lose a prospect’s trust if you don’t know what you’re talking about regarding their specific challenges and the industry in general.

Therefore, you must become an expert in the field.

This includes Buscemi requiring everyone on his team to take marketing courses.

According to him, everyone must take a marketing course to speak the language of their prospects right away. Additionally, we hold marketing strategy sessions, discussing how our product fits into an integrated marketing plan. In this way, each sales rep understands the real pain points we’re solving beyond service-level pain, so they can be very consultative about how to help the customer with our solution.”

Aside from courses, his team also practices role-play by listening to calls and saying, “Here’s how you could tweak that.” It allows top reps to help other reps, so everyone learns together.

4. Implementation should be strengthened.

93% of buyers say that the implementation process plays a very or very important role in their decision to renew a software product.

Therefore, strengthening your implementation process is essential for selling in 2023.

Identify which areas of the implementation process are the biggest roadblocks for previous customers. Reviewing your implementation process can help you identify weak spots Buyer Journey 2023.

Your prospects may also be interested in hearing how other customers have implemented your product or service based on previous customer reviews. It’s incredibly effective for prospects to hear how their peers are using the product

5. To prove value to more stakeholders, your sales reps must prove their value.

According to respondents, 80% of companies now have buying committees influencing buying decisions. In addition, 71% say additional stakeholders are frequently added during the buying journey, up from 61% in 2021 Buyer Journey 2023.

Hence, your sales rep will need to prove your product’s value to more people to get a sale in 2023, increasing the sales process’s complexity Buyer Journey 2023.

Buscemi advises your sales reps to ask, “Who else is involved in the buying process?”

“There are many ways you can nuance that question. For example, you might ask, ‘What was the last piece of software you bought? Who was involved in the process?'”

Additionally, “Typically, sales is involved when we sell this product. Often, we see them executing on X, Y, and Z. Would it be helpful to include them in our conversations?”

6. A sales representative needs to become their brand and take a solutions-oriented approach.

As we saw across sales in 2022, what further changes Buscemi predicts for 2023 and beyond?

“I don’t believe selling will ever disappear because there are no longer individuals responsible for guiding customers throughout the purchasing process,” he told me. Nevertheless, the definition of what a seller is responsible for has changed dramatically. We are still in that phase of transition. You are no longer a transactional salesperson but a specialist who can uncover additional challenges your customers might face.

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