priyanka chahar choudhary

Priyanka Chahar Choudhary taunts Shalin Bhanot on Bigg Boss 16 and says: ‘Who will give this irritating girl work?’

priyanka chahar choudhary

The friendship between Priyanka Chahar Choudhary and Shalin Bhanot seems to be on the verge of disintegrating. On Big Boss 16, we will see the two indulging in a heated argument priyanka chahar choudhary

Shalin Bhanot and Priyanka Chahar Choudhary are expected to have a heated argument on tonight’s Big Boss 16. It’s because they get into a heated argument with one another. She will label Priyanka ‘irritating’ and taunt her for the same, which will end up causing Shalin to call her ‘irritating’priyanka chahar choudhary.

There is a scene in the promo where Priyanka chahar choudhary tells Shalin that she does not pick up things and throws them as he does. He replies by saying, “I am eating food right now.” She continues to reprimand him for making jokes that irritate Shalin very much. When he asks her if she is talking to herself, she tells him she is. As a result, Shalin stops eating and gets angry at Shalin.

Sreejita De, who is nearby, asks him to finish his meal as soon as possible. Salman tells her, “Yehi to Salman sir Bolte hain that if the public sees such a girl, then she will not get a job…then you have to act like that…it is so annoying. He is right. If the public saw such a girl, she wouldn’t get a job…so she would be unemployed.

There is another promo in which Salman reprimands MC Stan and asks him if he is right or wrong in his fight with Archana Gautam. He also asked if he needed to be corrected. He then informed Chana that if anyone has come into ‘khairat’, she has come in. She was confident that she was right. If she continues this attitude, Salman asks her to leave the house as soon as possible.

Shalin and Tina will be held accountable for ‘faking’ their love on the show. After fighting each other for a while and reuniting, the Bollywood star called them out for their actions. Despite their defence, he refused to listen to them.

The 16th season of Big Boss is all set to conclude in mid-February. It remains to be seen who will lift the trophy this time after just a few weeks have passed.

In response, Shalin asked Archana Gautam to nominate Sajid Khan, but she declined. After removing the entire ratio from the house, Bigg Boss announced that all the nominated contestants would be on the elimination list this week. Sreejita De, Archana Gautam, Sumbul Touqeer Khan, Shalin Bhanot, Sajid Khan, Soundarya Sharma and Tina Datta are all potential contestants.

The war of words in the house only intensified due to this. She blamed Sajid and argued that the filmmaker could have saved the house’s rations if he had saved them. Then, when Wonka was called into the confession room by Big Boss, she blamed Shalin for the chaos that occurred during the task. She said, “Mujhe Shalin great Laga,” with a laugh.

Later, when Shalin overheard them talking about it, Priyanka chahar choudhary was seen discussing the same with Tina. Then, Priyanka was accused of instigating Tina, and he lost his cool.

There are three boxes. She has my box, and I have hers, but I will not place her box in the middle. “Mujhe nominations se dar lagta hai, bilkul lagta hai (Am I scared of nominations? Yes, I am),” he said with a wide smile. As a result, Priyanka chahar choudhary asked him to accept that he was scared of nominations and called him a confusing person. During the incident, Shalin lost his temper and was even seen throwing objects at people. In addition to refusing to calm down, Priyanka also asked Shalin not to behave this way towards her anymore.

During the video, it can be heard that Soundarya Sharma mentions that Priyanka Choudhary is not “even half-educated.” As she interacts with Sreejita De, she shares her opinions about Priyanka and calls her arrogant. As far as I can tell, you (Priyanka) are not even half-educated. It is conducive to know apo Apne Liye Kisi cheez ka ghamand hai. This is because ki may ye show Kar key again hun, you may want ye hu, jo dimag mein rehta hai. I am saying that tabhi to two weight throw karti hai late want it. Indeed, we are not likely to be able to play together,” Soundarya said.

Since the first episode of Big Boss 16 aired, the constant brawl between Soundarya Sharma and Priyanka Choudhary has been making headlines. The two girls got involved in a verbal spat in the most recent episode that the two girls got into a verbal spat. It was too far this time when Soundarya made a personal attack and commented on Priyanka’s education as part of her attack. It has been widely reported on social media that a video of the altercation between the two has gained widespread attention.

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