fitness goals 2023

 Personal trainer recommended 9 fitness goals 2023

fitness goals 2023

There’s a goal for everyone on this list-no matter how fit you are. Whether you want to maintain a consistent workout routine, improve your endurance, or build muscle, there’s something on this list that will suit you fitness goal 2023.

New Year’s resolutions might be losing steam after the first month of a full calendar year. Exactly why? Often, people set unrealistic fitness goals 2023 that leave them discouraged or fail to hold themselves accountable for tracking their progress, says Lindsay Ogden, a NASM-certified personal trainer at LifeSpark fitness goals 2023.

To achieve fitness goals, you should design them SMARTLY. In this tried-and-true method, the following goals are established:

  • The goal is clear and defined. Instead of “exercise more,” say “workout three times a week.”
  • Within the timeframe set, this goal can be accomplished. Most people can’t train for a marathon in two weeks, but many can over a couple of months.
  • The motivation to reach a goal is driven by a “why.” It might be to feel stronger, more flexible, or to manage an underlying condition.
  • Whether it is four or six months away, the goal has a deadline.

Also, Ogden recommends adding an “E” for emotion: how will it feel to achieve the goal? Is your confidence going to increase? Feeling empowered? Added emotion will make it more real, she says.

You may already have a specific goal in mind. Check out these ten fitness goals devised by personal trainers if you’re unsure what to do.

  1. In one month, exercise for 12 days – fitness goals 2023

To build exercise habits and see results, consistency is key. However, staying motivated can be difficult, especially if you’ve been inactive, says Mike Donavanik, founder of the fitness app Sweat Factor. Therefore, he recommends setting a smaller good fitness goal 2023, like three weekly workouts, that you can stick to.

To increase your accountability, share your fitness goal 2023 with a friend, or start a challenge to see who can finish the workout first. Donavanik recommends reassessing your goals after the first month: aiming for 16 workouts next month.

  1. During the next six weeks, run continuously for a mile – fitness goals 2023

Hannah Clausen, NASM-CPT, director of coaching for Macros Inc, says this goal is ideal for someone who hasn’t exercised for a while. Exercise improves bone, heart, and immune health while reducing the risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes fitness goals 2023.

Clausen suggests keeping an easy, steady pace instead of worrying about speed. Use mental mini-goals when you need the extra push, such as committing to running one more block or listening to the song until it ends fitnes goals 2023

  1. You can try a different workout every week until you find one you like – fitness goals 2023

The happiest exercise is the one you can stick to, so try a different workout every month until you find one you enjoy. Health reports that varying workouts will challenge your body, work new muscles, and help you develop different skills.

Consider yoga, running, kickboxing, or even rebounding (aka trampolining) to achieve this goal. Find out what classes are available at local gyms or fitness boutiques, and make a reservation. Additionally, some offer first-class or new-student specials. You can also find a local running group or a free trial of an online fitness app if you’d rather stay at home.

  1. Ten thousand steps per day on average for a month – fitness goals 2023

Walking is easier on the joints than other cardiovascular exercises like running. Brisk walking also reduces stress and improves immune function. Despite this, it may be challenging to walk 10,000 steps every day. Consider focusing on an average for the month. This will ease some of the pressure because some days you need to sit on the couch.

Due to the variability of daily steps, Clausen suggests scheduling long walks ahead of time, like on weekends or when you have a lighter workload. Also, keep a pair of sneakers in your work bag, car, or under your desk. Thus, you’re always prepared for strolls during lunch breaks. Use an app or a fitness journal to track your daily steps.

Push-ups 4-6 times a week – fitness goals 2023

A nutrition coach at Macros Inc., Becky Miner, NASM-CPT, recommends push-ups for increasing upper body strength. With this simple, classic move, you engage the muscles in your chest, shoulders, abs, and arms. In addition, they require no special equipment and can be done anywhere and anytime. Instead, try setting a goal to accomplish one no-knee push-up daily for a month or ten fitness goals 2023

A few beginner variations of push-ups can be tried if traditional push-ups on your toes seem too challenging:

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