Important factors about decluttering your mac in 2023


Once you make these small changes, your Mac will feel new again in 2023.

It would help if you took care of many things as you look forward to the new year and new beginnings in all areas of your life, including your tech. Taking a few minutes to freshen up your Mac will make it more efficient. This will help you meet any other goals and resolutions you may have ahead of you in 2023. The following guide will show you how to give your Mac a quick tune-up at the end of the year.

The menu bar has been cleared.

There is no doubt that if you run a lot of apps on your Mac, your menu bar is apt to be cluttered. Indeed, many apps work well when you access them from the menu bar, so removing the menu bar icon may not always be a wise idea. Consider using an app such as Bartender, which allows you to organize your menu bar. You can also hide menu bar icons when not in use (for example, the battery icon when your Mac is charging).

The most efficient way to organize your desktop files is to

As a result, the desktop becomes the de facto place for dumping files that you will need in the future. Initially, it may seem that this will make it easier to access these files. However, you have to realize that they have a way of multiplying. One or two files will soon become ten or twenty more, cluttering up your desktop faster than you realize. Even if you cannot delete everything from your desktop, you can at least group files to organize the desktop.

Select the Use Stacks option by right-clicking on the desktop. When you right-click the desktop again, choose Group Stacks By > Type from the menu. The desktop will be cleared up without deleting any of the files you have on it.

Use an app like Unclutter or Yoink to prevent this file build-up from happening again. It is possible to put a lot of files or other data into a separate space on your desktop using these apps. As a result, you can easily access these files whenever you want, and your desktop will also be much cleaner.

Clean up the dock

Macs are shipped with a large number of app icons in the dock. Most people never use even half of these apps, and as new apps are installed, the dock begins to resemble a gigantic queue of microscopic icons. Select Options > Remove from Dock from the right-click menu of the apps you do not need. Right-click a space on the dock and select Position on Screen. Consider moving the dock to the left or top as well.

Make use of a window organizer.

Managing multiple windows on a Mac can be challenging. With the help of a window organizer app such as Magnet, you can easily arrange all of the windows on the computer. With its keyboard shortcuts, you can easily move and organize apps.

Make your Mac more space efficient.

You should take serious action if you constantly run out of storage space on your Mac. Although this can be done manually, we recommend simplifying the process using an app such as Daisy Disk. Your Mac will run much faster if you have more free space. A cheap external hard drive or an SD card (if your Mac has an SDXC slot) can also move large files.

Make your web browsing faster.

To speed up your browser, perform a quick clean-up from time to time. Periodically clearing your web browser’s history and the cache is a wise idea, as reviewing your extensions and removing those no longer needed.

Make sure your Mac is clean.

With the digital clean-up taken care of, it’s time to tidy up your Mac too. Always start by shutting down your Mac and unplugging it. Use a microfiber cloth and lightly dab it with 70% isopropyl alcohol to clean the body of your Mac. You can use a dry microfiber cloth to wipe the ports, and for the display, dip the cloth in a little bit of water.

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