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How healthy almond milk is? Nutritionist’s Top Tips


You’ll have to shop for the right almond milk based on quality, cost, and nutrition.

Learn more about our process of independently testing, reviewing, and recommending the most reliable products.

Across the country, plant-based milk options are now available in coffee shops and smoothie joints. Since 2012, sales of non-dairy milk have increased by more than 60%, and one in five Americans report consuming less dairy for healthy almond milk reasons.

Almost $1.5 billion will be spent on almond milk alone in 2020, making it the most popular plant-based milk choice. Here’s what to look for on the label and how to incorporate almond milk into drinks, meals, and treats.

Nutritional breakdown of healthy almond milk

almond milk

Formulating almond milk is not a one-size-fits-all process. As a result, almond milk’s nutritional breakdown varies by product. Overall, unsweetened almond milk (made from filtered water and almonds) is quite low in protein and carbs, so the main macronutrient you get is a healthy fat.

A particular milk’s butternut content can vary widely from brand to brand, depending on how many almonds it contains (because the water-to-almond ratio can vary from one brand to another).

There are many products which contain more nutrients than almonds which impacts the drink’s healthy almonds milk.

A serving of Elmhurst’s unsweetened almond milk ($5.99, contains 11 grams of “pleasant” fat on liquid, Five grams plant protein, and just 3 grams of carbohydrate. Iron and potassium are 6% of the daily value in a 1-cup serving.

That’s just one product example. As mentioned above, the simplest unsweetened versions contain water and almonds. Almond milk which contain more vitamins & minerals is vary greatly if it is fortified (the addition of nutrients that aren’t naturally present).

Their are few brands of almond milk fortified with calcium, increasing the mineral’s daily value to equal or exceed that of cow’s milk. You may also find higher amounts of vitamin D and B12 in almond milk if added to its formulation.

Few companies add proteins t almond milk, primarily pea protein from yellow split peas. It is debatable whether these products still qualify as almond milk.

One of the most popular almond products is almond milk, which is lactose-free. Almond milk is a great sourc healthy and tasty alternative to traditional dairy beverages for people with lactose intolerance. Its sweet, nutty flavour is loved by others as well. 

Almond milk can be consumed plain or used in recipes that call for animal milk. The health benefits of almond milk go beyond its taste.

Health benefits of Almond milk

A number of health benefits are provided by almond milk’s vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, including:

Magnesium-rich food almond milk

Magnesium is a key component of almond milk. Your body contains four of these minerals. More than three hundred enzyme reactions require it. The body uses magnesium to control blood sugar levels and to produce energy.

Helpful for lactose intolerance

Almond milk is not an animal product, and it does not contain lactose. Consequently, it is an ideal substitute for individuals who are lactose intolerant. 

Low in Calories and Carbs

Almond milk is a low-carbohydrate and low-sugar alternative to animal milk. Milk is 50% to 80% lower in calories as compared to dairy milk. This makes it a low glycemic index food. Thus, almond milk has a lower risk of causing blood sugar spikes.

High in Bone-Building Calcium

The majority of commercial almond milk brands are fortified with calcium. There is a close connection between bone health and calcium since the mineral is responsible for most of the hard structures in bones. Calcium can contribute to the prevention of osteoporosis by keeping your bones strong. 

May Slow the Progression of Cognitive Diseases

Almond milk contains Vitamin E, which is an antioxidant known to benefit the brain. Intake of vitamin E is associated with a lower risk of cognitive diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, according to studies. In serious cases, it has also been shown to slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease.

A better source of nutrition than other milk is almond milk.

Most people choose plant milk to avoid dairy, whether it’s a dairy allergy or sensitivity or a preference for a plant-based diet. Nutritionally, both kinds of milk differ greatly. For every cup of cow’s milk, there are 8 gram of protein, 13 grams of carbs, and 0-8 grams of fat.

Cow’s milk also contains 25% of the daily calcium requirement. Children or adults do not need dairy products for strong bones, either. (Additionally, scientists have noted that dairy production contributes to greenhouse gas emissions, global warming, pollution, and antibiotic resistance.)

The performance of almond milk against other plant milk depends on the alternative. In addition to its low protein content, unsweetened oat milk is also high in carbs, typically about 16 grams, with a few grams of fibre. Many brands of oat milk add oil, and the levels of vitamins and minerals differ based on the degree of fortification.

Sugar is added to many healthy almond milk brands.

Brands are also different when adding sugar to sweetened almond milk, including flavourings like chocolate and vanilla. According to the American Heart Association, as much as 12 grams of added sugar can be found in one cup, which is the equivalent of 3 teaspoons.

Added sugar isn’t an issue if you only use a quarter cup of coffee. You may opt for an unsweetened or lightly sweetened version if you’re concerned about too much-added sugar. The light-sweetened versions contain about 7 grams of sugar per cup or just under two teaspoons.

Make your healthy almond milk.

However, you don’t have to stick to the almond milk formulations offered in stores. You can make almond milk at home. Homemade almond milk recipes typically call for one part almonds and three parts water.

But to determine your optimal ratio—and if you don’t mind a touch of mixology.

almond milk benefits We suggests mixing of 1-2 tablespoons with a cup of fresh water. 2 tablespoons will provide 16 gram of fat, 6 gram of protein, and 6 grams of carbohydrates, with 4 grams of fibre. \

healthy almond milk
healthy almond milk

The wedges can be frozen for six months, blended with water alone (two wedges plus 324 cups of water), or added to smoothies, lattes, or oat bowls with liquid. There are 8 grams of fat, 4 grams of protein, 2 grams of carbs, and 1 gram of fibre in two wedges.

Unwanted ingredients may be present in healthy almond milk.

“Clean” almond milk products, including liquids and concentrated bases, are driven by simple, recognizable ingredients. Preservatives and gums, like gellan gum, may be found on the back of some products’ containers. During the pre-pandemic period, I met clients at their local markets and walked the aisles with them to compare products. Many consumers were surprised to find add-ins in their almond milk they didn’t expect. However, there is no standard formulation, so reading ingredient lists is crucial.

Advice for the bottom line

As with jeans, almond milk can vary significantly in quality, cost, and details, so you need to do more shopping to find the right one for yours. Looking for brands with simple, recognizable ingredients, including liquid- and water-free options. Each product determines whether a serving of almond milk is equivalent to a serving of almonds. However, even less-concentrated options can offer some benefits, such as helping you reduce your animal-based food consumption.

It is possible to incorporate your almond milk of choice into almost anything. Make chia pudding and plant-based ice cream with it, and add it to coffee, smoothies, oatmeal, and overnight oats. You can also use unsweetened almond milk in savoury dishes such as creamy soups, sauces, mashed cauliflower or potatoes, and casseroles. In addition to drinking it alone, you can also use it to make golden turmeric milk or hot cocoa. It’s bottomed up!

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