Pre-marriage Rituals

6 most Hindu Pre-marriage Rituals: An Overview of Indian Weddings

Hindu weddings, especially, are sacred ceremonies that unite two people to begin their lives together. As per the Vedas (the oldest scriptures of Hinduism), marriage is for life and involves two families, not just the couple. The pre-wedding parties and rituals that accompany Hindu marriages typically last several days but vary from community to community […]

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Intimacy in a Relationship

How important Intimacy in a Relationship

There are no words that can adequately describe intimacy in its true sense. Both partners feel attached and share a sense of belonging in this psychological state Intimacy in a Relationship. Intimacy means feeling alive, content, ecstatic, and vulnerable at the same time. Relationships can only be achieved after some time. Slowly, the two people […]

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Long-Term Relationship

Long Term Relationship : 10 Best Tips for Bringing Excitement Back to Your

A long term relationship is always special for every couple, but excitement is always missing in long-term relationships. We all notice a loss of interest in a long-term relationship.  In the beginning, you couldn’t get enough of each other. If you could stay together forever, but as your relationship progresses, interest, excitement, and that overflowing […]

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Couple GOAL

Couple Goal should strive to achieve in their relationship

Are you trying to build the most rewarding relationship of your life? For close relationships, relationship goals are incredibly critical. It’s worth reflecting on what makes real relationship goals, those things that will make your love last forever, whether you’re just married or planning to tie the knot Couple Goal. What are your relationship goals? […]

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Body Shaming

10 Best Ways to Deal with Body Shaming in a Relationship

Nobody ever thinks they will have to learn how to deal with body shame – especially not with their spouse Body Shaming. When someone you love insults your size, shape, or appearance, it can cause serious mental health problems. You and your spouse can overcome body shaming through open communication and a healthy discussion about […]

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healthy relationship

11 habitual Expectations in healthy Relationship & How to Manage Them

Having expectations in a relationship is an assured part of the process. In a Relationship expecting too much from each other, a relationship causes toxicity in life & harms your Healthy Relationship badly. As a result, you are both hurt & which can destroy your Healthy Relationship. Frequently ask a couple of questions “What are […]

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Relationship goals

25 Thrilling Relationship goals that will make couple life Romantic & Beautiful

Relationship Goals that Will Strengthen Your Love For Your Partner. Relationship goals can help you establish boundaries, build a more muscular support system, and maintain a loving relationship with your partner. Relationships are formed differently depending on personal goals. We created a list of relationship goals to create a stable relationship and get to the […]

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