Sexless Marriage

A Sexless Marriage: Reasons, Effects & Tips

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So, what is a sexless marriage?

According to The Social Organization of Sexuality, a sexless marriage is one in which couples don’t engage in sexual activity or have minimal sexual contact.

Sex and marriage are not mutually exclusive.

As a result, husbands and wives suffer from a lack of emotional connection, conflicts, dissatisfaction in their marriage, and even a propensity to commit infidelity.

Sexless Marriage

What is intimacy?

The concept of intimacy refers to love, sharing, and openness between two people. There is a comfortable equilibrium between partners in which they can be easily vulnerable to one another.

Many factors, such as menopause, age, hormonal imbalances, and sexual dysfunction, can cause a lack of intimacy in a marriage. 

As physical intimacy is essential to a relationship, marriage without sex can pose a threat. The challenge of surviving a sexless marriage is even more significant.

The issue of intimacy is not uncommon, and it can certainly be awkward or difficult to handle.

Many couples struggle with no sex in marriage.

Marriage can survive without sex, intimacy, or romance, but these attributes distinguish a husband and wife’s relationship from all other family relationships.

Intimacy and sex are essential for sustaining a healthy marriage; without them, a marriage can suffer.

An intimate relationship is characterized by the close, connected feelings built between two partners over time and the physical and emotional bond established between them.

Are you in a sexless marriage?

If you have drifted into a marriage like this but aren’t sure whether keeping it under control is correct, you can always look for signs of lack of sex that could help identify the issue. 

Check out these signs that your marriage lacks sex:

  • Constant feeling of disconnect
  • Comfortable without sex for a longer duration
  • You both don’t flirt often
  • You both rarely touch each other
  • You enjoy a work schedule more than spending time with your partner
  • Either or both of you make fun of the other one’s fantasies/sex drive

Effects of living in a marriage with no sex

What is it like to be in a sexless marriage?

When you have no sex with your spouse, you lose a lot of connection and intimacy. Despite the appearance of a healthy relationship, discomfort and problems could only grow in severity over time.

So, how does marriage without sex feel? Men and women are affected similarly and differently by these effects.

Relationships can suffer from a lack of intimacy. She, more than him, can be anxious and frustrated by no intimacy in marriage from either spouse. 

So, how critical is sex in a relationship? 

How does a sexless marriage affect a man?

Sexless marriages will inevitably harm husbands. Insecurities can sometimes be triggered by a lack of sexual activity, resulting in self-esteem issues.

The role of a man in sexuality is subconsciously defined by the standards he has set for himself. His ability to deliver to his partner determines his self-confidence and ego.  

For instance, a withdrawn husband may be engrossed in a thought or 

project or stressed out over work problems. He will return to his wife once he has mulled it over.

Reading sexless marriage advice for men can help you overcome the sexual drought in your marriage if you are p, a man struggling with a sexless marriage.

How does a sexless marriage affect a woman?

Alternatively, the wife may experience a sexless marriage effect. Women can suffer just as much from a lack of intimacy in marriage – though not always in the same way.

A woman tends to connect emotionally, whereas a man tends to connect physically.

It doesn’t mean that men do not experience emotional pleasure from sex or that women don’t experience physical joy from sex. Different social programs are discussed. 

In marriage, a woman socialized to nurture may feel a lack of love and intimacy when her partner seems less affectionate.

A woman will only withdraw her affection if something goes wrong since women equate preference with love. 

How common are sexless marriages?

Sexless Marriage

There is no need to feel alone if you feel as though you are in such a marriage. As couples grow with time, sex fades and is one of the critical features of marriage as they grow together. Sexual indifference should not be tolerated, especially if one partner is concerned.

The importance of intimacy in a relationship is paramount to its longevity. Through this process, partners can vent unspoken, strengthening their relationship and making it more personal.

Researchers found that nearly 29% of relationships are sexless when sex occurs less than once a month or less than ten times a year. Age also affects the lack of sex. As a matter of fact,

  • 18% of such couples are under 30
  • 25% of such teams are in their 30s
  • 28% of such groups are in their 40s
  • 36% of such groups are in their 50s, and
  • 47% of such groups are 60 or older.

Fifteen reasons for a sexless marriage, what constitutes a sexless marriage? 

Couples may break up for several reasons. Here are some reasons why sexual drive between partners may drop:

1. Withholding sex in marriage

In marriage, withholding sex can signify a lack of affection or an attempt to express frustration or anger. In the hands of manipulative partners, this can be considered a form of emotional abuse and a reason to punish their partners.

2. Childbirth

Most couples experience a breakdown of their relationship after childbirth, especially in sex. After birth, breastfeeding, body changes, and exhaustion can lead to sexless marriages. 

3. Substance abuse or addiction

In the case of substance abuse and addiction, it can be difficult for the relationship to survive as one partner suffers alone. Intimacy may suffer as a result.

4. Sexual blocks or regressive views on sex

A couple that doesn’t share the same sexual philosophy or has regressive sexual thoughts may find it challenging to communicate effectively. They may be lost if they do not match on several levels.

5. Infidelity

There can be two scenarios.

If one partner cheats on the other, that partner may not be interested in their spouse. The relationship may rift if one partner practices infidelity and the other learns about it.

6. Chronic illness

Couples who suffer from a partner’s illness may forgo sex for obvious reasons. 

The lack of sex in this relationship may be due to one partner taking care of the other.

7. Traumatic sexual history

When one of the partners has suffered sexual issues or had a traumatic experience, it makes sense that they abstain from sex. This was the root cause of their pain.

8. Poor work-life balance

There could be reasons like not having time for sex. It exists, and it is accurate. 

In addition, spending too much time away from each other or having too minimal leisure time can be detrimental to the relationship overall.

9. Unresolved grief 

Is there resentment between you and your partner that hasn’t been resolved yet? 

There might be no problems on the surface, but there could be long-standing grief beneath the surface. Talk to your partner about it, or seek therapy if necessary.

10. Discomfort

An uncomfortable relationship can also lead to a sexless marriage. There can be problems if you and your partner are not comfortable discussing sex or having sex.

11. Stress

Whether it’s work-related or family-related, stress can affect your relationships. During times of stress, your attention is at its highest. 

Also, it can lead to emotional breakdowns time and again.

12. Mental health problems

When there is a mental health issue such as depression, a person needs therapy and medication along with the support of their partner. First, couples must work on emotional intimacy.

13. Critical partner

Couples who scold or criticize each other may lose intimacy. 

If the issue is not discussed openly, it could cause a great deal of damage to the relationship over time.

14. Boredom

One or both partners may have drifted apart due to boredom in the relationship. 

The boredom problem usually arises when spouses cease to pay attention to one another or cease to put effort into the relationship.

15. Unrealistic expectations

A couple should keep their expectations in check because it creates unnecessary pressure in the relationship. It causes partners to feel uncomfortable, which can lead to a lack of communication between them. The result can be a sexless marriage resulting from this gap.

Still wondering what factors are responsible for the lack of sex? 

Maintaining your sexual life by speaking with a therapist specializing in relationships and sexual cgenderggendersbeneficial. A health professional or therapist can help if you have difficulties overcoming intimacy issues.

Can a sexless marriage survive?

There is a very valid question regarding marriages that have been sexually inactive for a long time. There are few cases in which marriage without sex is observed, and the process of surviving a sexless marriage is not easy.  

Many marriages indeed survive without romantic love or sex. It is noteworthy, however, that even in cultures where marriage has become strictly utilitarian, either due to economic, religious, or other reasons, it plays no role in establishing critical relationships.

How to cope with a marriage without sex

There is a possibility that this question is unfair; essentially, it asks how to accomplish more with fewer resources. The struggle of coping with a marriage without intimacy is similar to the battle of a plant in the absence of water. The first step to dealing with a lack of sex in marriage was identifying when you stopped having sex. 

Do sexless marriages end in divorce?

Can a marriage survive without sex? 

In marriages, sex and romance fade over time, and couples stop putting in the effort. In turn, they unconsciously contribute to sex without realizing that it could be due to a lack of intimacy.

Marriage is challenging and challenging work. Divorce may result from alienation or the abandonment of affection. Approximately half of the couples reported abandoning sex or being in a sexless marriage.


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