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5 Steps to Remove Toxic Relationship from Your Life

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Put an end to toxic relationships in your life for the long term by sticking up for yourself.

The definition of the word ‘toxic’ is:

Toxic Relationship

It is poisonous. It is very unpleasant, harmful, or destructive. “Denoting or relating to debt with a high default risk.”

It may be time for you to reconsider your toxic relationships if anyone you know comes to mind when you read that definition.

There is a logical reason why purging toxic relationships can be overwhelming, say experts. In unhealthy relationships, we are in potentially harmful situations that could negatively impact our well-being. There is a tremendous amount of work involved in transforming or removing them. Toxic relationships take at least two people to form, so there is often a strong emotional charge on both sides, making them incredibly fragile.

Toxic Relationship

How to identify toxic relationships

To remove toxic relationships from your life, you must first identify who best meets the above definition. Is there anyone in your life who drains your resources without promising a return according to the modern purpose, “Denoting or relating to debt that is likely to default?”

Consider if any of this sounds familiar:

The person or people around you drain you.

There needs to be more trust in your relationship with your partner or friends.

Someone’s persistent unreliability frustrates you and makes you feel like you can’t depend on them.

In your relationship, there is more negativity than positivity and a lot of drama and maintenance.

This person often makes you feel uncomfortable, disrespected, or criticized.

You are brought out of your depth by your friend or friends. It’s challenging for you to be yourself around them, and you’re giving more than you’re getting.

How do you feel when the phone rings and they’re on the other end? Whenever someone belittles, controls, or brings you down, it’s time to surround yourself with those who lift you up.

The sarcastic belittlerIf you express any idea, belief, or thought you feel strongly about, this person will constantly belittle you. As a means of feigning respect, they will make fun of you, often with sarcastic remarks.

It’s damaging because you may start to believe them and stop believing in yourself after a while.

The controller – Toxic Relationship

· This person tries to control everything you do. It doesn’t matter what you wear or where you live; you have something to say about everything, from how you deal with day-to-day challenges. If you’re blessed with a fortune, they’ll do everything they can to curtail it.

It can be very damaging because these people can be very manipulative. In addition to hindering your growth, they can negatively influence your decisions.

The insecure guilt-inducer

There may be a jealousy or intimidation factor, or they may be unhappy in their own lives and relationships. Although they give a lot, they also expect a lot in return. Making a decision, they don’t like will prompt guilt when you make it. When they’re unhappy, no matter what you do, you feel like high maintenance. It can be tough to understand that you are not responsible for their happiness, so that they may become overly dependent.

The downer Toxic Relationship

You should be lifted by the people in your life, not lowered down by them. Despite your happiness, it may be time to reconsider your relationship with someone who constantly sees the opposing side.

Being around someone who is constantly negative is draining and harmful to your self-esteem and happiness.

You can remove toxic relationships from your life by following these steps.

The process of ending a relationship can be complicated. Discover your tribe. Book a trip to see them or arrange a Facetime date if they are far away. Support is available from them.

You may need to take some special considerations when removing toxic relationships from your life.

Positive relationships can occasionally have brief periods when one of the two people in the relationship is exhibiting toxic behaviours. Consider whether the relationship is worth working on or if the issues are perpetual.

A toxic person may not always be able to be removed from your life. According to Georgetown University research, Ninety-eight per cent of people report experiencing toxic behaviour at work. The person causing you to harm may be a colleague or manager you need to work with. Therefore, learning some tools to help you deal with them can be helpful.

It may take time to unravel a toxic relationship. Keep your distance gradual, and don’t move faster than you feel comfortable.

Five steps to end toxic relationships now

Step 1: Identify who in your life may be toxic

Make a list of people you think are poisonous to your success and life based on the abovementioned characteristics.

Step 2: Consider whether you should rework or remove the relationship

Stop the behaviour if it has been ongoing for several months. If the connection is 80 per cent positive with difficult moments, or if the person cannot be removed from your life, you may need to rework it.

Step 3: Establish boundaries

Set some limits based on what you understand and what you can likely predict about their behaviour. The severity of the circumstances should determine the severity of your limitations. You may need to immediately cut all ties with this toxic relationship if it has taken over your life and prevented you from functioning. Set some clear rules if you are reworking the relationship or want to end it gradually. Due to this, you’ll be able to engage with them whenever you want.

Step 4: Be strong

Toxic people often resist. Remember your values and feel proud of who you are. Make sure you stick to the limits you set. Don’t reply to their text messages or calls if you don’t want to answer.

Step 5: Find your tribe

Last but not least, removing toxic people from your life can be difficult. Make sure your friends and family lift you. Those who love and support you are there to help you – after all that is their purpose.

Have you ended a toxic relationship?

Are you struggling to end a toxic relationship, or have you ever completed one? Comment below with your thoughts.

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