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Pangong Lake

himachal hill station

Heaven, peace, silence, and tranquility all at once? Pangong Lake in Ladakh is the perfect place to spend a few hours! I love the vast expanse and crystal blue waters of this pristine place in Ladakh, as if something magical is happening there himachal hill station .

Pangong Lake, also known as Pangong Tso, is situated at 14,270 feet. Intriguingly, the lake stretches 12 kilometers and marks the border between China and India. Many of the areas extend into a neighboring nation, which thrills travelers .

Aquatic life cannot survive in stunning blue waters because they are brackish or salty. The salty lake freezes with thick ice sheets when the temperature ranges between -30 and -10 degrees, which is quite different from salt-filled water bodies himachal hill station .

Every year, migrating birds enhance this picturesque landscape, attracting many travelers looking for adventure, photography, birdwatching, and chilling experiences. Pangong has another unique and catchy feature: its ability to change its color from blue to green and even gray from time to time. Pangong’s brackish water attracts migratory birds every winter in Ladakh.

Once in a lifetime, there is no reason to say no to this beauty. You can repeat it. It’s a blessing! 

A Bollywood buff always sees the most exciting himachal hill locaal ways noticedly wood movies. In movies like 3 Idiots, Sanam Re, Dil Se, Jab Tak Hai Jaan, Waqt, Tashan, and Heroes, Pangong Lake is the backdrop himachal hill station .

Here, artists dance, drive their vehicles, and spend quality time together, making jaws drop and hearts race. It is like another heaven for Bollywood lovers. Aside from that, Kareena Scooty is undoubtedly gaining popularity among those who like Bollywood movie himachal hill station

As a result of the craze, many yellow scooters are adorned with movie actress posters and famous acts. People love to take pictures of themselves and post them online to show their Bollywood love.

Several TV commercials and well-known bloggers from around the world showcase the natural beauty of Pangong through their camera lenses himachal hill station .

There are also places where Phunsukh Wangdu demonstrated his intelligence and passion for education that people like to visit. Although Pangong Lake has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world despite Bollywood’s lens, there is no denying its popularity himachal hill station.

The lake in winter.himachal hill station

May-September is the time when the sun glitters on the water. As low as -15 to -30 degrees can be found in the winter in Ladakh. As ice forms on the lake, it turns white instead of turquoise green.

As a result of heavy snowfalls, the roads connecting the lake are difficult to access in winter. Local jeeps or army vehicles that travel to neighboring towns can drop you nearby, however. Pangong Lake in winter is a gorgeous sight to see and take pictures of.

The lake becomes the most relaxing setting for playing cricket or chit-chatting from mid-January to mid-February. This is another ‘chadar’ known as a frozen Zanskar river trek. In such harsh winters, it is customary to find anyone here. You never know; adventurers can wander anywhere, anytime, searching for true solace and peace himachal hill station.

Visit Pangong lake in winter to see the world’s other natural wonders.

Naranag : himachal hill station

In the Bus stand Khag, there is a spring called Naranag. Narain Nag spring is also known as Naranag spring. As a result, Jammu and Kashmir’s fisheries department has built a fishery farm near the spring. During the spring, summers are very cool, and winters are hot. According to locals, Tosa Maidan Spring is the spring’s origin, which merges with Nara Nag after flowing several kilometers below the ground. An ascetic once dropped a bag of sheep dung into Tosa Maidan spring. According to local lore, the manure was seen floating on the surface of Naranag several days later. When he returned to Tosa Maidan, he sprinkled turmeric powder into the lake, and the water turned yellow.


The alpine pasture of Pehjan lies in the lap of the Himalayas, about 25 kilometers from Khag. Through Anzwaer, Khag leads to Gogaldara. This alpine pasture is serene, picturesque, and rich with deodars, asters, and Saussure lappa (Kuth). One must pass through Donwar, Gyagadara, Brari Pather, Anzwaer, and Yanga Pather to reach the place. It is known as “Nueer” in local dialects. In June, shepherds from Beerwah, Magam, and Pattan bring their cattle and sheep for grazing in the lush green forest surrounding the place on four sides. On the way to Pehjan, there is a massive rock with seven Pinus trees on its top (locally known as Satte Yaeer) that is considered a miracle of Sheikh ul Alam Sheikh Noor Din Noorani. In addition, another Pinus tree is also considered a miracle of his. You can see Wular Lake from here.

Tosa Maidan:-

Located in the Khag tehsil of the district of Budgam, Tosa Maidan is noted for its pastures and historical significance. This densely forested area is located about 10 kilometers from Khag in the Himalayas. One reaches Tosa Maidan after crossing Drang, Zakhora, and other smaller mountain villages. In ancient times, shepherds from other neighboring countries also visited Tosa Maidan. The Mughals used this route to travel to Poonch. They built a seven-story building here called Dam-Dam himachal hill station.

A pass of 13,000 feet leads to Tosa Maidan via Basmati Gali. Poonch Gali is also on its right side, which leads to Poonch Valley. This pass was considered the safest, easiest, and nearest way to Punjab during ancient times. Nilnag is also accessible from Tosa. This pasture is the largest in the surrounding area, measuring 3 miles in length and 1.5 miles in width. Deodars that touch the sky provide a summertime view of a green carpet. Shepherds and grazing sheep in the pastures of the Gujjar community make a riveting sight during the summer. The fragrance of wildflowers also freshens the surroundings.

A 50-year lease on Tosa Maidan was granted to the army in 1964 to set up an artillery firing range. Several residents fought against the extension of the lease. This beautiful tourist spot is located in Khag tehsil in Budgam district. Tosa Maidan is best visited in summer, especially from April to September.

Tosa Maidan opened to visitors on 30 May 2016 after its lease was not renewed.

Doodhpathri – himachal hill station

Tourist destination and hill station Doodhpathri (meaning Valley of Milk) are in Jammu and Kashmir. It is located in the Budgam district and situated at an altitude of 8,957 feet above sea level and 42 kilometers from the state summer capital Srinagar and 22 kilometers from Budgam district headquarters.

History and Etymology:-

“Doodpathri” means Valley of Milk. Sheikh ul Aalam Sheikh Noor din Noorani prayed here once. The meadows were a source of water for him. He punched his stick to poke the ground for water, and milk came out. Instead of performing ablution with the milk, he asked that it be used for drinking only. As soon as this milk was heard, it transformed into water and was named Doodpathri. It is currently flowing through the meadows and looks milky from a distance. It remains freezing all year round. Silver gleaming streams run over large stones, and lush green grasses cover the vast meadows. From DoodpathriDoodpathring, the landscape is sloping grassy with various multicolored flowers. West of Doodpathri lies Tosamaidan.

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