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11 high calories food for weight gain & benefits


There are many diet plans for weight loss available on the internet. You won’t find much for weight gain, however! There are hardly any weight loss plans available. However, many people need to add the required mass to their bones weight gain

There may be an underlying issue behind being underweight or skinny. When you eat too few calories for a prolonged period, you become underweight, resulting in various illnesses. In contrast, eating too many calories can lead to obesity, which is also unhealthy in weight gain. 

The more calories you consume, the more weight gain. Consuming more calories is necessary if you have a high metabolism or exercise vigorously. Adding weight cannot be achieved through overeating. It is possible to gain weight naturally by eating five to six times a day, eating more protein and fat, and adding high-calorie snacks. 

People consume various supplements and unhealthy foods without proper research to gain weight quickly. They could have some medical problems, so think twice before eating. Strengthen your muscles by eating healthy foods instead. Here are a few healthy foods you can try if you are trying to gain weight.

weight gain

What is the healthiest way to gain weight?

Consuming more calories than you use is the central concept of the day. A rough estimate is to consume 300 – 500 more calories than you need. Rather than increasing the size of your existing meals, eat more daily meals. When trying to gain weight, you should also increase your intake of fats and proteins. To gain weight, you should avoid eating unhealthy fats and junk foods. In addition to adding weight to your tummy, these foods can potentially cause serious long-term health issues such as diabetes, obesity, and heart disease. Your muscle mass can also be increased by incorporating regular (but not intense) exercise into your daily routine.

1: Milk weight gain best food

Our bodies need all the nutrients that milk contains, making it a complete food. Proteins, calcium, carbohydrates, fats, minerals, and vitamins are abundant in them. Proteins from casein and whey make up this excellent protein source. Muscle mass can be added to your body by using it. Drink two glasses of milk daily with a meal or after a workout. 

2: Rice 

For weight gain, rice is a convenient and cheap source of carbohydrates. One serving of rice contains both carbs and calories, making it a calorie-dense food. About 200 calories are provided by one cup of rice, contributing to weight gain. 

Rice can be served with curries and vegetables that are high in protein. This is an easy way to boost taste, calories, and protein.

3: Dried fruits

It is possible to lose weight by consuming dried fruits. It contains antioxidants, proteins, calories, and micronutrients. Dried fruit is effective for gaining weight due to its naturally high sugar content. They can be eaten raw or roasted or added to yogurt or smoothies. You can gain weight by eating dried fruits such as almonds, walnuts, and cashews daily. 

4: Homemade protein smoothies 

Compared to ready-made protein supplements, homemade smoothies are much healthier. After a workout, a shake helps you build muscle. As well as being rich in flavor, they are also delicious. These homemade smoothies can help in weight gain quickly, such as chocolate banana nut shake, vanilla berry shake, chocolate hazelnut shake, and super green shake.

5: Red meat 

You can build muscles and gain weight by eating red meat because it is rich in protein. Boosting muscle mass requires nutrients such as leucine and creatine. The combination of protein and fat in steak and other red meats contributes to weight gain. Lean and fatty muscles provide proteins that can help you gain weight. The best source is fat beef dishes, such as brisket.

6: Fatty and oily fish 

Proteins and essential fatty acids are found in fish such as salmon. Additionally, they boost your immunity and help you gain weight. These fish are the best sources of omega-3, which are significant for weight gain. Various dishes can be prepared with salmon, such as steamed fish, fried fish, and smoked fish. 

7: Potatoes and starch 

Fast weight gain can be achieved by eating starchy foods, such as potatoes and corn. You can add extra calories to your body at a low cost. As a result of its carbohydrate and calorie content, this food increases muscle glycogen stores. They also contain essential nutrients, fiber, and resistant starch, which can help nourish your gut bacteria.

8: Whole grain bread weight gain

Whole-grain bread is a good source of carbs that will increase your weight. They can make a well-balanced meal when prepared with protein sources such as eggs, meat, and cheese. Sourdough feeds good bacteria in the gut that can strengthen your immune system.

9: Avocados

The avocado is an excellent source of fats, antioxidants, vitamins, and fiber. Avocados can be incorporated into your main meal, sandwiches, and other weight gain promoting dishes.

10: Whole eggs 

Your dietician recommends whole eggs for weight gain because they are full of protein, calcium, and healthy fats. It is an easy-to-find muscle-building food. Egg yolks are highly beneficial, so it is necessary to eat the whole egg. 

Several foods and supplements can help in weight gain. Rather than eating a lot of sweets or fatty foods, choose high-calorie foods that provide energy and build muscle mass without the unhealthy fats.

11: Healthy fats and oils  

Healthy oils are extremely calorie dense and do not have the downsides of unhealthy oils. These oils are great for salad dressings, seasonings, and cooking. Three healthy oils can help you increase your calorie intake: avocado oil, extra virgin olive oil, and coconut oil. Adding one of these oils to your morning coffee with a small amount of butter is another way to incorporate healthy oils into your diet. Yummy, healthy, and trendy! 

Suggested diet plan for weight gain

Hoaxes and myths about gaining weight overnight are common. Diet, strength training, and weight gain exercises all play a role in helping you gain weight. A large part of this can be attributed to diet and food. For your weight gain diet, you should maintain the following:

Include foods such as whole-grain bread slices with peanut butter and honey; a milkshake; a medium-sized seasonal fruit; milk with chia seeds and oats; poached eggs; avocado toast. Coffee and tea with caffeine should be avoided.

LUNCH: You can add foods such as chicken pasta with leafy green vegetables, feta cheese, olive oil, tomato, and avocado; egg, cheese, and salad wraps; lentil, vegetable, and barley soup; chicken and noodles stir fry; rice with vegetables and fish; chicken rice with corn; chapati, chicken curry, and yogurt.

Dinner: You can serve it with fish, chicken, vegetables, and rice/chapati of your choice. Corn may also be added to the chicken soup. SNACKS: Dried fruits can help you gain weight. A handful of almonds, cashews, or walnuts daily may be a healthy snack. Sunflower seeds are also delicious. Hummus dip and whole-grain crackers make an excellent snack.

As a conclusion

Several foods and supplements can help you for weight gain. To build muscle mass and provide energy, choose high-calorie foods that provide energy without all the unhealthy fats that can harm you. The best way to gain weight is through regular, age-appropriate exercise combined with a healthy and calorie-rich diet. Maintain a healthy, nutritious diet and stay hydrated between meals. The results will be worth the wait, but gaining weight is not a sprint. It takes patience, and it takes time. 

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